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Angels of the Night in Santa Ana

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The Universal Church’s evangelization group(EVG) visited the streets of Santa Ana, California to launch its project “Angels of the Night” to provide provisions & spiritual guidance to the communities in need. 

The Situation

The City of Santa Ana, like any other city, has crime. Ever since 2010 – 2020 the amount of crime that’s officially reported was low initially only to spike in 2015. The crime rate would then steadily lower towards 2020. 

Santa Ana is stated to be “safer than 18% of U.S. Cities”, and until further official reports are submitted by the state it will remain this way statistically. The crimes that are done will still go on to ruin individuals, scar families affected, and shock communities. Just like the tragedy that happened to Lesly Fierro Noriega within the month of May. 

A Resolve

The EVG planned the “Angels of the Night” project to launch throughout Santa Ana on July 5th, finding communities in need of provisions, and those who suffered from related crimes to guide them spiritually with a word of faith. Members of the EVG sought after every person that attended the event to pass on a word of faith and prayer. The members of the EVG also shared their testimonies to better relate to the community, as they have gone through similar situations as well. The project was able to end that night with everyone content. The EVG will rally soon to launch another fruitful event to bless those in need.

Want To Help?
If you want to learn more about this project, support, and/or volunteer, then visit your nearby Universal Church and speak with a pastor today.



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