Godllywood | - 6:15 pm

Godllywood Self-Help Meeting on December 3rd

Godllywood Self-care

God’s greatest desire is to listen to our voice in prayer and be able to speak to us. That is His earnest will, but how can He speak with those who do not want to listen to Him?

Many women have found it challenging to value themselves. They try to meet all the day-to-day demands of today’s modern times, yet many feel empty inside without a sense of direction and self-worth.

On Saturday, December 3rd, at 6:00 pm EST, The Universal Church on 1091 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY, will host the last Godllywood Self-Help Conference for women of 2022. Ima Fonseca will share a very special message, and there will be a moment only to speak and listen to God’s voice.


What Is Godllywood?

The Godllywood Self-Help is a worldwide movement to rescue values forgotten by modern society and help women to be the best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives: at home, in their careers, as wives, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, as professionals, and above all in the personal and spiritual level.



Who Can Participate?

Any woman can participate, regardless of religious belief. If you seek personal, emotional, and spiritual growth, clear your schedule and mark your calendar for December 3rd.


Where Will It Take Place?

The Godllywood Self-Help Conference will be on Saturday, December 3rd, at 6:00 pm EST.

Location: 1091 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY, with a Live broadcast to each state headquarters of The Universal Church.

For more information on a location near you, please call 1-888-332-4141 or visit The Universal Church.