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How to Protect Your Mind From Spiritual Attacks

Join the Prayer of the “Via Dolorosa” at 10am, 4pm but Especially at 7pm in Every Universal Church

How to Protect Your Mind From Spiritual Attacks

It is impossible to go through life without facing problems and tribulations. The problems that most people face in life is the loss of a family member, infidelity in a relationship, financial problems, even being a victim of domestic violence and many other problems.

Because of these problems, people are not able to bury the past and move forward. If a person does not let go of that past this can lead a person to face greater problems; such as depression, anxiety, stress, and problems sleeping at night. Learn how to rule out all the problems by going to a Universal Church this Friday for the “Chain of prayer for the Via Dolorosa” at 10 am, 4 pm but especially at 7 pm. Bring your pillowcase to be anointed by the men of God to protect your mind while you’re sleeping. If you are in need of counseling call 1-888-332-4141 or send us a text 1-888-312-4141.


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