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Ford of Jabbok: Mission Accomplished

Bishop Edir Macedo and Bishop Joshua Along With Other Pastors Cry Out for the Prayer Requests From the Campaign of Israel, at the Ford of Jabbok

Ford of Jabbok: Mission Accomplished

At 6 pm central time the United States, straight from the Ford of Jabbok. Bishop Edir Macedo, along with other Bishops and pastors representing all the different countries from all over the world.

Ford of Jabbok: Mission AccomplishedAt 2 am, from the Ford of Jabbok, the Bishops and Pastors went there with one objective in mind: that God will transform the lives of those that participated in the Campaign of Israel.

“Finally we are here, after all the struggles, after a few bumps on the road. It was not easy, but thanks be to God, we arrived to complete this amazing mission, to pray, to ask, to cry out, and to ask God to show Himself in your life, what God did for me, He will also do for you,” said Bishop Edir Macedo.

The Ford of Jabbok is the place where God transformed “Jacob” into “Israel”.

“The same way that Jacob was transformed in Israel, he received a new Identity, not a physical identity, but a Divine identity, that this will also happen to you in this moment”, determined Bishop Edir Macedo.Ford of Jabbok: Mission Accomplished

The Bishops brought photos and prayer requests that came from people all over the world. That put everything on the Altar for a new life. Bishop Renato Cardoso, Júlio Freitas, Domingos Siqueira and Clodomir Santos cried out for the prayer requests.