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“I Suffered From Severe Pain for 15 Years”

Justinah's Story


Because Justinah suffered from severe pain throughout her body for more than 15 years, she had no hope for a cure. Her health issues started in primary school, but doctors could not diagnose her illness.


The pains were all over my body and were so severe that I could not walk for a long distance. I could not do anything when the chest pains started. I had to sit down until they subsided. I went to different doctors who gave me painkillers, but the pain would only disappear for a few hours.

When she was in high school, Justinah had to skip classes and sometimes spent the whole week at home because she was ill.

I lost interest in my studies and battled to catch up with the work that was done while I was away. I could not concentrate because of the pain. As a result, my school marks dropped, and I eventually failed grade 10. I saw no need to go back to school and repeat the grade I had failed because I was still ill. I felt hopeless and thought there was no cure for my ill health.

Justinah moved to another city where she lived with her aunt. Her health continued to be a problem.

One day, I tuned in to program The Universal Church on the radio and found myself listening to testimonies. Encouraged by the testimonies of people who were healed after they learned to use their faith, I looked for the nearest branch and attended the services.

She took part in the Chains of Prayer on Tuesdays for healing.

I learned how to use my faith and trust in God for my healing. I believed that God was able to change my life and bless me. After a week in the church, I found a job, but my health seemed to be a challenge because I could not stand for long hours at work. I feared I was going to lose my job because of my ill health. However, God showed me His power as the pains disappeared after being in the church for three months. I moved into my own place because I did not need anyone to care for me anymore.

As she continued coming to the church, she developed her relationship with God and continued to invest in this communion.

God’s presence gave me the desire to help other people. I used my testimony to invite them to come to God and find the help I found in Him. I find pleasure and fulfillment in helping other people who are suffering because I know that the God who healed me has the power to help them too.


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