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Chain of Prayer

What It Is and How It Can Change Your Life

Chain of Prayer

Steps to start your chain of prayer – Which days will you come? Choose the problem you want to tackle and choose the days that are best for you that applies to your problem. – Ask for help: Speak with the pastor for guidance and counseling. – Persevere: When you begin a Chain of Prayer, you are picking a fight with your problems, and things can try to stop you but no matter what happens, Do Not Break It. Be serious about this.A Chain of Prayer is when a person attends a prayer meeting for a certain number of weeks without interruption to see a breakthrough or spiritual deliverance that the person needs. A Chain of Prayer helps develop the faith and determination to overcome. Before starting a Chain of Prayer, a person will need to decide what they want to fight for and then decide the day or days that they will make their chain.
Sunday services are an essential part of completing this chain.


Learning to use your faith

When a person makes a Chain of Prayer, their faith is encouraged, awakened, and prepared to take possession of God’s promises. But due to the seriousness of their problems, some are so overwhelmed and worried that they find it hard to use their faith in the first service they attend. Though it does not happen, only a few receive what they want on their very first visit. One prayer is not enough. Even Jesus taught us to pray always and never give up. (Luke 18:1)



Before you start a Chain of Prayer, you should get your pastor’s advice. He will teach you, step by step, how to use your faith to overcome your problems. If you are facing doubts, confusion, or if your faith gets weak, do not hesitate to ask for help. Don’t be shy. One word of faith can prove to be invaluable, even more than a prayer. We aim to help you through your problems until you are strong enough to use your faith and no longer need to depend on a pastor’s prayer because you will have your relationship with God.


Monday – Financial Prosperity 7 &10 AM, 4 & 7 PM – Tuesday Health and Wellbeing 7 &10 AM, 4 & 7 PM  – Wednesday Spiritual Empowerment 7 & 10 AM, 4 & 7 PM. –  Thursday Building Healthy Relationships 7 PM. – Friday Spiritual Freedom 7 & 10 AM, 4 & 7 PM. – Saturday Overcoming Impossible Cases 8 AM and 12 PM. – Sundays at 10 AM Faith and Miracles –  All times may vary depending on location –  Call 1-888-332-4141


Samira“I Thought I Was Hopeless…”

I started getting involved with drug users and went to parties that went on for days. My friends and I would get together to smoke and drink. I drank a lot, danced, and was always drawing attention to myself.

My life was all about parties. I went to raves and used so many drugs: cocaine, LSD, and ecstasy. It wasn’t long before my first overdose. Then I started to get involved with drug dealers. I dropped out of school. After one of my relationships ended, I tried to get away from drugs, but the withdrawal was short-lived. I got a job at the mall, but I couldn’t stay sober. I smoked, came home drunk, and upset all the time.

My lifestyle caused a lot of problems between my mother and me. I felt like trash and thought my situation was hopeless. I even thought about taking my life because I was such a disappointment to myself. My mother was the one who invited me to The Universal Church. She invited me to the meeting to overcome addiction. She was attending the meetings and asked me to go, but I told her that I liked to use drugs. After about four weeks, I completely changed my mind.

I decided to change, and the church was my last hope. Somehow, I knew that God could heal me. I stopped using drugs on the first day, but I still had a lot of things going on inside of me.

I continued to strengthen my faith, I let go of old friendships and the old places I frequented, and gradually I could see myself overcoming my past. After being free from addiction myself, I became a volunteer to help others be free from addiction. We go to drug-ridden areas to bring those people who are lost in drugs to a new life. We say that it is possible to get out of that situation. We explain that God can make a change in their life, and I am a living testimony of that.

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