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I Was Healed From Epilepsy1 min read

Yorre was healed from epilepsy by faith
During my birthday celebration, I felt a bad feeling. I lost consciousness, fell on the floor, and when I regained consciousness, I had facial wounds. The seizure erased my memories of the event. I stayed awake for a few minutes.

After this first seizure, others occurred in the following days. So I sought help from a neurologist and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I started treatment with specific medications, but the seizures were not controlled, and the dosages of the drugs increased.

It was a period of suffering in my life. I remember I was talking to people normally and when I least expected, I would have a seizure. My mother, who knew my situation, started to attend prayer meetings at The Universal Church. She would bring me the Spiritual Treatment water* for me to drink, but at first I didn’t want to. She insisted until I decided to come on Sundays and do the Chain of Prayer and use my faith with the Blessed Water. I exercised my faith after that day. First, God restored my soul, I stopped bring an unbeliever. I used to take the medications with the Blessed Water and declare I was healed. Some time after seeking help from God, the seizures stopped and through new tests, I was declared healed!

– Yorre


* The Spiritual Treatment is drinking water blessed during the Sunday service by a prayer of agreement of the pastors and the congregation. It is a complement and NOT a substitute for any medication or medical advice. Please follow your doctors instructions along with using your faith in the Word of God.

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