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Relaxed or Revolted3 min read

Relaxed or Revolted

Phrases such as, “If God wants” or “It’s in the hands of God” are part of most people’s vocabulary. They think that the Most High decide and act on their behalf – as if everything depended on Him alone. Humans generally have this tendency to place the responsibility for their decisions in the hands of others.

But the truth is, you are responsible for the results of your life. Your future is in your hands. And no matter what environment or situation you were born or raised into, things can change.

The secret lies in your attitude towards your problem. Have you just accepted it as part of life and even adapted your lifestyle to accommodate your problem? Or do you have a burning faith inside of you that compares God’s promises with the type of life you have?

Who hasn’t, at least once in their life, asked “why?” Why is my family constantly fighting or falling victim to the ills of this world? Why after spending years building up a business, would everything come crashing down out of nowhere? Why does my body have to be struck with illness? Why?

In such an unfair world filled with so much injustice, only faith can guarantee a fulfilled life. Without it, we are overcome by worries and fear; we become doubtful and can be overtaken by thoughts of giving up altogether. Faith naturally sparks a revolt against all these things, a revolt that calls God’s attention and ultimately achieves victory.


What Is Your Attitude?

This was Gideon’s experience; he didn’t accept to hide from his problems, even though everybody else did. He just couldn’t live with the fact that God’s promises were nowhere to be found in his life.

Revolt is not anger against God, and it isn’t a rebellion against Him either. But it is the acknowledgment that something needs to change. We all have the same right as Gideon. He knew what God was supposed to do. He knew God’s promises.

If you compare your life to the promises of God and see that it is not the same, you should be revolted.

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Relaxed or RevoltedMy Degree Couldn’t Clear My Debts

“I graduated from college with a degree but that wasn’t enough. I had a good job with good pay but for some reason, the money never lasted. I was in over $100,000 in debt.

When I came to the church I was taught how to test the Word of God. That’s when things started turning around. I started getting a lot of opportunities, I started acquiring assets and paying off debts.

Relaxed or RevoltedToday I’m debt-free. I have a beautiful home, 5 bedrooms, a media room, a game room, a nearby lake, and a running trail. I learned not just to give for the sake of giving but to give on the foundation that I will reap.” – Mario

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