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Reforming Prisoners Through Spirituality2 min read

The United States is notorious for its mass incarcerations of 2.3 million people, which means 1 in 38 people of the US population is behind bars. What is most startling about this? A portion of those imprisoned are there for minor felonies such as possession of drugs or anything non-lethal which makes rehabilitation incredibly challenging to accomplish.

Although they have committed unlawful acts, inmates are human beings as well and we shouldn’t immediately assume they will remain criminals for the rest of their lives. Hence why prayer for prison ministry is essential in helping prisoners reintegrate with the rest of Society.

Just like everyone, we aren’t perfect. There’s always a reason as to why these inmates resort to committing these acts but with help of spiritual guidance, they will soon realize that the Lord will forgive them as long as they remain faithful to His words.

The Universal Church has a program called Universal Behind Bars in which volunteers, including pastors, personally visit the prisons to provide counseling, prayer for forgiveness and prayer for jail release in order to help prisoners find new hope for the future. They also help the families of the inmates stay in contact with one another to prevent the relationships from falling apart.

Humans cannot function properly if they do not have healthy social interactions with anyone. This can unfortunately lead to chances for those inmates to reoffend because they have yet to find a sense of belonging. We must always provide emotional support and show them the way to the Holy Spirit, in order to guide these lost souls out of that toxic cycle and fill their void.

The Universal Church always welcomes everyone despite the paths they’ve been through in life, including those who have committed a crime. Bishop Bira said that the intent behind Universal Behind Bars is to help rehabilitate inmates regardless of background, to live a new life following the words of the lord.

“God wants you to be on the Mountain of Blessings, for on it is salvation, perfection, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony, peace in the Holy Spirit and above all, a name in the Book of Life… We at the Universal Church, we are filled with a faith to take you from the Mountain of Curses to the Mountain of Blessings; but the decision is yours.” – Bishop Bira “Choices

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