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How Can I Get Ordained?2 min read

In the realm of religion, there are numerous beliefs around the world. Each have different practices that distinguish one from the other. The principles of certain denominations vary according to the morals and missions each one possesses. Ordination for clergy follows a different procedure throughout many institutions.

For instance, The Universal Life Church believes in freedom of religion and supports the idea that everyone should have the right to take control of their own spiritual life. The Universal Life Church promotes easy access for everyone to get ordained online regardless their background. If a person believes she or he has the calling, ULC provides free online ordination. Candidates get ordained online to perform weddings, baptisms and funerals.

The online training program usually takes 2 to 3 months to complete. Among the Universal Life Church ordained ministers, we can even see celebrities getting ordained for a wedding so they can personally perform ceremonies. If they decide to marry any of their family members or friends, they can do it legally.

However, The Universal Church’s mission is to help people across the world to achieve a better life through the Word of God, guiding them towards salvation by developing a solid faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They teaching people that upon being baptize with the Holy Spirit, the person discovers the truth and life.

And as a result, the Holy Spirit empowers and anoints the person to spread the gospel, heal the sick, free the oppressed and win souls for the Kingdom of God. If someone wants to become a future clergy, he or she is required to first receive the Holy Spirit. Then candidates are carefully evaluated and need to have proven to have the fruits of the Holy

Spirit in order to be consecrated to an assistant, Pastor or Bishop. Upon receiving the divine ordination, this capacitates the person to preach, conduct weddings, baptism and funerals. All of these services are available at no cost throughout the many UCKG locations worldwide. Pastors and Bishops are sent where ever they are needed throughout the world. They don’t have a permanent location; they are constantly transferred by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Men of God, devote their entire lives to save souls, leaving everything behind, without anything in exchange.

Their reward is to lead people to a life changing opportunity but mainly guiding them to eternal salvation. Anyone who wishes to serve God must be spiritually good in order to help others in need or even to perform spiritual ceremonies. The Universal Church teachings are all inspired by the Bible and constantly strives in teaching its members on how to apply its teachings.

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