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Depressed, alone and homeless.1 min read

Depressed, alone and homeless

When I came into the ministry, I was depressed doing drugs — I shoot and snort cocaine, meth, and heroin. I also smoked weed. If it wasn’t for coming to church every Sunday and drinking the blessed water, my life wouldn’t have changed around.

Bishop BiraI was depressed every day because when I came home from being in the marines. I found CPS on my doorstep, and I ask them why they were there, and they said they were there to take my kids away.

They said there were reports of me mistreating my kids. I explained that it’s not even possible if I had just arrived home and have not been in their lives due to being overseas for over two years.

After I lost my kids, I started to follow the wrong path. I began to do drugs and wanted to give up and contemplated suicide one night. I was giving up on everything. I had filled up a needle with dope, and I was trying to overdose.

I found out about the ministry when I was walking around one night, and one of the pasters came up to me and offered me to come to The Universal church on Sunday mornings. I came, and I started to get closer to God.

Free from drugs

My life has turned around; my relationship is stronger than it has ever been before. I’m off the streets, employed and doing much better than I ever was. I’m not depressed anymore, and I’m off the drugs. Gradually I have been getting better and today I’m completely clean from any drug.

We don’t work to make somebody religious; we work for your life to change. When you come into this ministry, you need to see a change in your life. – Bishop Bira

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