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UniSocial Worldwide

All around the world, wherever there is a Universal Church, there are volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to help their communities. With churches in hundreds of countries, 300 churches in the United States alone, there has been a significant outreach from all angles.

The Universal Church is firmly based on the salvation of a person’s soul, but while here on earth, there is a need to take care of a person’s basic needs.

There have been efforts made all over the world to care for the homeless, elderly, orphaned, and sick. With 24 helplines and multiple ways for those in need to get in contact with their local Universal Church, the need of the communities have become more and more apparent.

There are many ways of giving back and month after month, project after project, Unisocial volunteer are tapping into each one. Back in 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck(Bottom Video) Houston, TX, and Universal churches all over, stepped in to donate water, canned foods, and hygiene products to the affected state.

Since then, the work has grown in the United States and all around the world. Donations of food, hygiene products, and health services have been made here in the U.S and as far as rural villages of Africa, like Universal Church Zambia.

With universal churches in countries like Zambia, Brazil and so many other countries and continents, each place comes with different demands and needs, which the Unisocial teams fight to meet. The physical requirements aren’t all that are met.

There is continuous work in prisons all around the globe. Each day men and women lose their right to freedom because of mistakes they have made but this doesn’t mean that the have lost their right to know about salvation or to have peace. Work is done with nursing homes, cancer awareness, children, and mothers; there is no avenue that Unisocial does not attempt to invest.

Every day there is someone in need, and Unisocial teams around the globe hope to meet that need one way or another.

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