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The doctors thought I was crazy2 min read

Miguel in hospital

Roberta Magalhães has always been a health-conscious mother to her son, Miguel, who is now five years old. In 2017, she took him to the emergency room when she noticed that he was apparently having the flu. The boy, who was diagnosed with a virus and was medicated and then returned home. Two days later, his condition got worse and Roberta took him back to the doctor. Examinations showed that Miguel had a bacterium in his lung as a result of pneumonia.

Sick Miguel

Sick Miguel

He was soon admitted: “At that moment, I asked if there were any predictions of discharge because I still did not understand the seriousness of the problem. The doctor said he didn’t have, and he would do everything for Miguel to be all right.”

Those words startled Roberta, who said a prayer immediately.

“I told God that I wouldn’t accept losing my son in a hospital bed, and as soon as I was done praying, I was sure Miguel would be all right. The truth is, I had no idea that I would have to go through so many experiences with God,” she says, who has been attending Universal since childhood. Miguel’s condition worsened, and he was referred to the ICU with pleural effusion. The doctor said it would be necessary to drain the boy’s lung. Roberta did not agree with the procedure.

They thought I was crazy

“The doctors didn’t understand me, they thought I was crazy, that I wanted my son to die, but my faith told me he wouldn’t have to do it to survive.” Miguel started taking antibiotics and using various devices to measure his breathing and his oxygen. A new X-ray was done every day, but the boy’s situation did not improve. Roberta decided to make a vow with God on the Altar. “I sacrificed everything by believing in God’s answer.”

Miguel's family

Miguel’s family

Miguel still remained in the ICU for five days, without changes. “The doctor did not understand how this did not interfere with Miguel’s physical appearance. My son was no longer in pain and no longer needed the breathing machines. Gradually he got better until he was discharged.” Roberta explains that she learned a great lesson from this experience. “I kept looking to God, I trusted without understanding anything. I learned that it is not enough just to use faith, we need to stay in it every day.”

Roberta continued to take her son for medical attention and the specialist assured that Miguel had nothing left.

“The doctor recognized that my son was very sick, he went through all of that, but he was healed. He said it was amazing to see Miguel’s rapid progress.”

Today, Miguel is healthy and does not need to use any medicines.

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