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Mirror: friend or foe?2 min read

friend or foe

A woman always likes to be beautiful, follow fashion trends, have a new outfit and be admired. But even if she achieves all this, she will hardly be completely satisfied with her appearance.

The mirror will always point out something wrong. Things like: “This sandal doesn’t match this dress”; “This bag is no longer being used”; “Your lipstick is so bland!”; “Your hair is dull”; “You need a new scent”; “Have you ever worn this earring”…

And because of this weakness, women easily become prisoners of something that gives a sense of happiness and enormous immediate pleasure: shopping. When you are in a store on sale, it seems that your problems disappear. Who has not felt very well with the dream bag on his shoulder, to throw the first stone, lol. There is no harm in you getting what you need.

The big problem is that we are being stimulated by the global economic model, increasingly aggressive advertisements and society to buy what we don’t need.

The cosmetics industry is the one that best exploits the female weakness. Formulas are created to meet unbridled demand. Therefore, we see products for the eyes, face, neck, lips, hands, feet, nails, stretch marks, cellulite, belly, blemishes, hair, eyebrows etc. In the past, it wasn’t so difficult to buy a shampoo because there were only three options: normal, dry or oily hair. At home we bought one type for the whole family and it worked.

Today is crazy how much trouble they have fixed for our hair. We spent everything and anything and it still is not good. The best shampoo in the world is one that I haven’t bought yet.

High-tech TVs are also responsible, as they make everything look much more colorful and attractive. The new clothing collections are launched with wonderful advertisements that will haunt you on social networks, over the phone, email, billboards, etc. You decide to buy it and three months go by… surprise! You find that you are already outdated, your expensive acquisition went to the very cheap settlement macaw.

The race goes like this: we satisfy one wish, but the market offers 10 more.

And those who accept these suggestions will have to work harder and harder to cope with their consumption and live less and less. And if they do not get out of this wheel alive in time they will end up getting sick, and who will profit? The pharmaceutical industry.

All of us (including men here as well) have already been wrong, someday, to buy what we didn’t need. And who knows if we won’t go wrong again? But if that happens, let us be more conscious of cherishing what is inside, not outside. Because the credit card doesn’t buy what really makes us happy.

I use a trick that almost always works when I feel like buying clothes: I decide to clean the closet, lol.

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