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A Patriotic Soldier3 min read

A Patriotic Soldier

Junior was honorably discharged for his great service in Korea, Japan, Iraq, and Germany.

However, upon his return, he struggled with PTSD; a problem many soldiers face. He also consumed cocaine and alcohol as a coping mechanism that only made matters worse. Junior then became lost.

“I was in the military for 26 years, but when I came home, my life was a wreck. I used crack cocaine for three years. I had PTSD and had to go to the veterans administration hospital. I had problems in my family, and my mental health was in devastation.

I was always angry, depressed, experienced suicidal thoughts, hostility problems, and I didn’t function right in my household nor in my community.

I lived all over the place. I began to exhibit bad behavior and disposition, I couldn’t find any job, and I almost lost my family.

My family suffered because I was suffering and addicted to drugs. We had fights, disagreement, and there were many things I wasn’t able to do. I was in shame and became a broken man. My family became ashamed of my actions. Everyone in my family suffered.

Only when I came to The Universal Church, I was able to turn my life around. My problems came from being in the military. I returned and suffered from depression and insomnia. I developed many issues with my family and withing my own personal life.

In my neighborhood, I wanted to soothe my problems. I would spend hundreds of dollars, every week using crack cocaine to solve my problem that would never end.

The addiction didn’t begin in the military; It started when I came home. Being in a stressful war in Iraq, I came back with many different problems.

Soldiers come home with PTSD, alcohol problems, and drug problems because of the devastation and what the death there was all around them as in Iraq. I use to have nightmares thinking of dying, seeing dead people within my dreams. I use to dream of trying to hurt somebody or hurting myself.

soldier JuniorWhen I first came to The Universal Church, I wasn’t judged, I began to do my chain of prayer–services for consecutive times. I saw it as links, adding one after another until I was able to bind satan and all the problems in my life.

My family sees the difference; the Lord has blessed me. I don’t even like cigarettes, smoking, alcohol, nor drugs. I have no more stress because I have the Holy Spirit in me; I have peace in my life. I’m able to function, and I’m able to think. The Holy Spirit can direct me to do the right thing in my life.

One thing about being in The Universal Church, I also became a faithful tither, and the Lord has blessed me. I have money and do not depend on anyone else. I now have new clothes, a brand new vehicle and I’m able to provide for my family. I finished college, received a great job and now I have an even greater future ahead of me.

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