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Covenant of sacrifice2 min read

Covenant of sacrifice2 min read

Join me My saints, those who made a covenant with me with sacrifice. And the Heavens will declare his justice, because God is the Judge.
Psalm 50: 5-6

This Psalm is a demonstration of God’s judgment. Well, that day, when you go to judge, God will call His Saints, those who believed in His Word, not only theoretically, but in practice.

But what does it mean to make a covenant with sacrifice?

It is when the person renounces the world, to the libertine life, to live a life dedicated to obedience to the Word of God.

If you obey the Word of God, you are sealed with Divine Holiness. For he denied his life to live it according to the will of God, that is, he made a covenant of sacrifices.

There is no way to enter the Kingdom of God and take possession of His blessings, beatitudes, security, prosperity, health, without you sacrificing, without you denying yourself the right to live in this world to live in the Kingdom of God, which is the Kingdom of Justice.

Many people say: “Jesus has already sacrificed for me, I don’t have to sacrifice.” But Jesus said:

If someone wants to come after Me, deny yourself (SACRIFICE), take your cross every day (SACRIFICE) and follow me (SACRIFICE). Luke 9:23
Sacrifice on three levels, that is, you have to make your sacrifice!

To live in peace with yourself and with God, you must abandon sin, friends and enemies, and live alone based on your faith in the Lord Jesus. That is sacrifice, day after day.

… who made a covenant with me with sacrifice. And the Heavens will declare their justice …
The Heavens will witness our justice, our sacrifices for faith in our Lord Jesus.

That conviction of our covenant with God is glorious!
Because we are certain of the future of our soul.

And today, our life is the reflection, a sample of what will be in the future, because we enjoy the joy, peace and security that the Holy Spirit gives us every day.

But that at the cost of daily sacrifice, constant, by faith, from faith to faith.

Bishop Macedo

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