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Do you see only failure and negativity?2 min read

Do you see only failure and negativity?2 min read

Imagine if your mind – the part of your body that motivates you to fight for a better life shuts down and sees only failure and negativity? This is how a person with depression suffers. They are battling tens of negative thoughts running through their mind every minute and giving into just one of these thoughts can send them down a very dark path.

You can have it all but still fall victim to this illness that makes everything look bleak. The good news is that there is lots of help to be found.

According to studies, millennial depression is on the rise, with many even opting to take their life in order to escape that feeling. Former Disney star Bella Thorne 21, recently described depression as feeling trapped in a “never-ending room of darkness and numbness” inside your mind.

If you once had faith, but you lost it, you can find the help you need to rekindle it and lift yourself up.

If you find yourself feeling as though there is no purpose to life, that you’ve lost all strength to get up, the most important step is to recognize that you need help and seek it.

Don’t isolate yourself; once you have other people helping you get up, you will find the strength you need to pull through.

The Universal Church has dedicated people who seek to help others who are going through a rough time, some of which have also suffered with depression but overcame it.

We have a special prayer for people who struggle with depression every Friday. If you need to visit sooner, we offer daily sessions and meetings that will keep your mind on something that is positive and reinvigorating.

Before you give up, give us a try. There is life after depression and thousands worldwide are able to testify to this.


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