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Nothing to Lose – Part 21 min read

nothing to lose 2 scene

In March 2018, the movie “Nothing to Lose” – based on the real story of Bishop Macedo, premiered in Brazil. It became the best selling in the history of national cinema, with 12.1 million tickets sold. The film also had the most prominent international release in the history of Brazilian cinema, being screened in 83 countries.

‘Nothing to Lose 2’  (or nothing to lose part 2) based on Edir Macedo’s trilogy books; founder of the Universal Church. Now, the official premiere of ‘Nothing to Lose 2’ will be in the USA on September 27, 2019. Check out the showtimes for Nothing to Lose – Part 2 in your city. In the meantime, stay connected or contact the Universal Church near you for more information.

Nothing to lose 2 (or nothing to lose part 2) will show Macedo’s trajectory from the day he left prison in 1992 to the inauguration of the Solomon’s Temple in Sao Paulo in 2014. Sixty actors, six thousand extras and hundreds of old cars on the scene. . Scenes in Nothing to Lose 2 were filmed in South Africa and the Holy Land of Israel. All scandal, negative publications and more.

Nothing to Lose 2 (or nothing to lose part 2) tells the real life story of a person who has been a victim of false news for decades and never tried to defend himself. Edir Macedo’s story is proof that when you are doing what is right, a lie that has spread a million times will always be a lie. Nothing to lose 2 (nothing to lose part 2) : don’t miss this movie that will build your faith.

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