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Cut it by the roots!2 min read

Cut it by the roots!2 min read

When we permanently get rid of a tree, we remove the roots. In life, we often are frustrated with our problems because we only deal with the ‘leaves and branches’ – the physical factors that our eyes can see – but we forget that there is a root cause that feeds those problems. When it comes to behavioural problems, it is no different. Uncovering the root cause of persistent offending/reo f f ending behavior is what will help you find out what the real problem is. By finding out the root, you are taking the first step on the path to righting your wrongs and eventually reajusting back into the society.

If this step is skipped, no other efforts of change will matter. For example, an inmate may try to change their bad behavior and might even be successful for a short amount of time. But if and when something happens that they do not like, or they receive some type of bad news, they find themselves going right back to the bad behavior.

They find themself falling right back into the dreadful cycle of commiting the same crime – or worser crimes once again. Why is that? Because the root of the problem was never cut off. It is time to recognize your weakness. Once the root has been identified, uprooting it is the next step. This is done by making the decision to cut that behavior out of your life for good. This is no easy task, but if you are sure that you are ready to move on in life, you will succeed in uprooting the problem. God is by your side, He stays with you through the hard moments. When this decision seems too difficult, ask Him for help to stand firm in your choice. The final step is to replant. It is now time to grow new and healthy roots in order to build a new life on a solid foundation.

Every step you take towards growing these new ‘roots’ is what makes all the difference.

Day by day, your new roots will get stronger and stronger until it will eventually become a strong, sturdy tree with good fruits.

You will be on a path to a brand new life before you even realize it. Make the decision today to follow these 3 steps:

1. Find the bad root(s).

2. Eliminate it.

3. Replant brand new roots. 


*If you have a love one behind bars who wants to submit a prayer request, they can send it to Bishop Bira at:

The Universal Church
7075 Southwest Freeway,
Houston, TX 77074

Bishop Bira Fonseca personally reads and responds.
Stop by The Universal Church and more about our the UBB project; Universal Beyond Bars.


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