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Tobacco: the classy way to commit suicide3 min read

Tobacco: the classy way to commit suicide3 min read

According to the American Lung Association, smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide. 

Smoking-related diseases claim more than 480,000 lives in the U.S. each year. Smoking costs the U.S. at least $289 billion each year, including at least $151 billion in lost productivity and $130 billion in direct healthcare expenditures. It is also estimated that in 2030 the total number of victims per year will reach 8 million, 80% of which are in developing countries. 

Smokers live an average of ten years less than non-smokers, since the substances contained in tobacco smoke affect some important organs and make the organism more fragile and relative to a series of diseases. 

Tobacco is responsible for 25 to 30% of all upper respiratory tract cancers (lip, tongue, mouth, pharynx and larynx); 80 percent of cases of chronic bronchitis; 90 percent of cases of lung cancer; 20 percent of coronary heart disease mortality; in addition, cardiovascular diseases are 2 to 4 times more frequent among smokers. 

Smoking did nothing but add to my emptiness

I had addictions that began in my early teens and although I would give up smoking and drinking for a while –they would be the first things I turned to, the minute I was stressed and felt like I couldn’t cope.

It was the first thing I turned to, the minute I was stressed and felt like I couldn’t cope. 

This was my life for so many years and I didn’t see anything wrong with it because everybody I knew did the same. I used to think that if you have amazing, talented kids, a rewarding career, and the material possessions that you wanted at the time, then you’d be happy and life would be great. But this was not the case… I was unhappy and had an emptiness that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t matter how intoxicated I was, or how many loved ones surrounded me, the emptiness remained. I arrived at the universal church with a lot of resentment and grudges toward people that seem to accumulate each year. 

This started to change from the very first night I entered the Universal Church. I believed God was there and that He would answer my prayers and do great things. Every time I attended, the message was uplifting and powerful. Oftentimes, so powerful, that the words were spoken actually related to the problems I was facing and the emotions I was experiencing. 

Tobacco: the classy way to commit suicideNowadays, I am free from all addictions, I forgave all who hurt me and then learned to forgive myself. The emptiness I once had is now filled because I discovered that emptiness or void was actually the absence of God in my life. I know the only solution for my life is Jesus Christ! It is Him that I turn to first and foremost for strength, for peace of mind, for courage, wisdom, and guidance.

– Antoinette


I was addicted for 30 years 

For three decades of his life, Manuel took refuge in cigarettes as a way of trying to fill the empty feeling inside. “He smoked three packets of cigarettes a day, for he was a sad man, empty and without any prospect of life,” he says.Tobacco: the classy way to commit suicide

Thinking that he would be helping other people, Manuel eventually embarked in the shady world of the occult. “For many years, I was involved in spiritism and even went to do witchcraft, always with the intention of being able to help others, but the reality was quite different because I could not even help myself! I suffered from problems in my marriage, such as disagreements and quarrels,” he reports.

I tried several times to stop smoking, but all my attempts were futile, this was until I discovered the work of Universal Church. I decided to attend meetings and, after just one week, I was able to quit smoking altogether. Today, I no longer have any dependency on cigarettes and if I happen to be anywhere where someone is smoking, it makes me feel sick.

I have also been able to solve my family problems and I am fulfilled and I have peace.

– Manuel

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