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Nobody wanted to hire me2 min read

Nobody wanted to hire me2 min read

My name is Terrence, and my life was incomplete.

I was addicted to Percocet pain pills, struggled financially and my love life was not well. We kept on going back and forth each year. I was taking ten to fifteen Percocet pain pills a day. I was in a relationship yet still flirting with girls and arguing with my now wife. I was working in a job where I didn’t feel accomplished. I wanted to give my all to start my own business. I also felt that something was missing inside of me, I wasn’t right spiritually. I was always down and depressed.

The worst part of my life was when I was in and out of prison constantly back and forth. A place where you have many personalities, different types of food and do everything you are told to do; wake up, sleep, when to use the restroom, etc.

It was hard for me to find a job because I was a convicted felon. I was looking for work to help in order to support my business and couldn’t find any employment. Nobody wanted to hire me, and I still wanted to start my own business. God spoke to me during a campaign. He asked me to sacrifice, the main focus was getting the Holy Spirit. The request was also for my financial life and my relationship.

It was painful. I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills. I already had problems with my now wife. See she didn’t want me to do it. She was already complaining about me not really helping too much with the bills.  I didn’t want to find any job because I was trying to start a business.

I was constantly stressed but I participated in the campaign anyway.

After the campaign, we started our own cleaning service business. We have been in business for six months and we are seeing it grow. We are officially married now and spiritually developing. I believe I have the Holy Spirit. I have peace, joy and no longer have depression nor am I addicted to any type of drug.

If you’re going through what I went through, such as addiction going back and forth to prison, with a lifestyle just being in the streets. There’s always hope.
If you have to put your spiritual life together, put it on the altar. As you give yourself a hundred percent, He will also give you 100% in return.

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