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A Complete Life6 min read

A Complete Life6 min read

My life was incomplete because I was living in the world, I was taught if I acquired things in the world; a good career, money, a good relationship, I would have it all.

So I pursued those things, and even though I acquired many of those things, from time to time, things wouldn’t go quite my way. I would get down about it, or I would feel incomplete. I knew inside of me that something was missing, and I was looking outside for the things that I needed inside.

I did find a woman to marry, and the marriage wasn’t really good. From time to time it was quite difficult, and ultimately, it ended towards a divorce. It was probably the hardest thing that I had to face, and it made my life feel very incomplete.

Incomplete financial life

Some of the problems that I faced in my financial life were in my business. I would do well, make some gain, but then it would have to be taken away. Something would always happen to it. So, I never really established myself in business. It became kind of like a gerbil wheel, where I felt like I was running and running but not really getting anywhere.

Incomplete love life

The most painful part of my life was when I was going through a divorce, and when I realized my marriage had failed. I felt like I was a big failure, something that I sought for so long and I wasn’t that kind of husband that I wanted to be, that kind of father I wanted to be. I remember thinking when my kids were around 2 yrs old when I decided to separate from their mother that it was better to not be in this kind of situation where they would see us arguing all the time and learn that from us. I felt it was better for me to be by myself and them to be with their mom in order not to be in that type of environment. I never envisioned myself being a single dad and divorced. I certainly didn’t go into my marriage thinking that.

I came to the church about seven and a half years ago with my now wife, who brought me. I learned about tithe and how to put God first and get closer to God. While I was tithing I wasn’t really putting God first, I was kind of going through the motions, I was doing what I felt was more like an obligation then really saying “God I’m going to put my life on the altar, and give it all.”

When the campaign came along, it was an opportunity for me. I was in some tough situation financially in my business. I was at a point where I was ready to surrender anyway. My life had gotten to a point where it was just not how I wanted it. I said, “Okay God, I give up, I’m going to surrender and give it my all. I made a very large financial sacrifice at the time where I didn’t have any money.

I’ve sacrificed before thousands of dollars before on trips when I knew I didn’t have. So I thought, why wouldn’t I do the same for God?

It was not only hard for me to do that, there was a part of me saying “Are you crazy”, and another part was saying “do it, trust me, I will not forsake you”.

Ever since that day, not only did I got all the material blessings that I’ve ever wanted. I live from sacrifice to sacrifice. Each time there is a chance to show God that He is the number one my life, I show Him. And the more I give, the more I receive.

But I don’t do it now to get more blessings. I do it now to show God that I am here for Him that I’m truly His servant, for Him to use me however He wants to use me.

A complete life

When I really surrendered myself, he removed the stresses that I use to face, the anxiety, sadness, and the ups and downs of life, if you will. He put peace inside of me. Even though I was putting myself in a financial situation, I felt at peace. My marriage has become so much stronger. Not only did I make a financial sacrifice, but I let go of my old ways. Of being angry and doing things my own way, and not being a very nice person from time to time. People found it hard to deal with me, including my wife. I gave up my old ways and it strengthen my marriage, it made it really beautiful. My kids look at me differently.

The people in my business looked at me differently. When I first made my sacrifice, I could actually hear them talking behind my back and saying: “What happened to Paul, what happened to this guy, he changed”.

A Complete LifeThrough that, many blessings had come. My business is thriving,  I have a group of esthetics skin care clinics called SkinMd, and we have four clinics which were struggling. Last year our business grew by 60% this year is up by 30%, and we are opening two new clinics. Will have six by the end of this year, and plan to expand beyond that. Financially speaking, I have more money than I’ve ever had. My tithe now is more than what I use to make. And I use to do pretty well as a doctor. There have been so many blessings it hard to count. Now, I think my life glorifies God in every way. And that’s what really gives me pleasure. It used to be to gain material because I found pleasure in that, but now my pleasure is being able to give back, help others, and glorify God.

My marriage is great, and I feel wonderful inside. It’s not to say that every day we don’t have problems or that every day is a wonderful moment, but I know now with confidence, that I have God with me and I will overcome it. I’ve had some challenges, and they were really easily overcome. In the past, I would have dealt with them differently. But now, I have confidence because I have the Holy Spirit within me. I don’t make any decisions without consulting God first. I’m confident, comfortable and at peace. I know I’m directed in the right way, that if things don’t come out as I want them to come, God has a better plan for me. There must be a reason for what’s happening to go that way.

My advice for people is to take a chance. When you really think about it, you have nothing to lose. You think you have something to lose at first because we kind of cling to our life the way it is, to whatever things we have. But God has a bigger vision for you and unless you truly surrender, sacrifice and let it go, you’ll never know what it is. You’ll never know. And that would be the saddest thing. I think now that If I’ve never made that leap of faith, so to speak. I tell you my life would have been just where it was years ago, and probably worse.

I tell people to test God, give it a shot, you will not be dissapointed, God will not forsake you, He did not forsake me and he won’t forsake you.

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