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The first work of the Holy Spirit3 min read

The first work of the Holy Spirit3 min read

While the human being is vulnerable to so many external stimuli that he receives, he is stubborn to hear the divine counsels, which only do him good

Every day, you and I are instigated to change your mind about something or someone.
They are people, advertising, TV programming, the internet and so many other means that want to convince us to change our diet, our habits, our tastes, and preferences.

Convincing is to get someone to accept something or to believe in something, according to the dictionary. And, there are many examples of how we were convinced …

Of course, we’ve all bought something that we did not need or like because there was a massive advertisement about that particular product. Just as we began to eat something horrible because someone said that it would do us good.

We have also been convinced to leave or stay at home, watch a movie or stop watching. I’ve even heard of people who were convinced they were sick when they were in perfect health.

Oh, and this conviction is equally true of the circle of friendship, for many, a word is enough to convince you to be a friend or an enemy, to like or dislike someone.

But what intrigues me is that this facility to hear and be persuaded by people does not happen in the same way with respect to the things of God. While the human being is vulnerable to so many external stimuli that he receives, most of the time, he is stubborn to listen to divine counsels, which only do him good.

Knowing how much we are in need of help to develop our faith, the Lord Jesus prayed to the Father so that He would give us the Holy Spirit to convince us of our sins, of divine justice, and of the coming judgment.

This revelation happened at the Last Supper, some moments before Jesus’ arrest (John 16.8). He said that the loss of His physical presence would be offset by the precious presence of the Holy Spirit. And His first assignment would be to speak to us and show us who we are, where we are wrong, where we have to change to please God, etc.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit does not speak as a personal suggestion. Everything that He points out to us, corrects and encourages, is perfectly based on the Word.

His Voice is not loud; is not invasive; it does not violate our free will. On the contrary, it is soft, gentle yet firm and steady. He never gets passive when he sees someone walking towards the abyss. However, it is easy to stifle this Voice with the proposals of the devil, with the emotions, with the bad friends, with the social networks, finally, with the appeals of this world.

There is no more terrible sin than being resistant to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Whoever does this is an unbeliever, even if he has years in the church or holds an ecclesiastical office.
Whoever rejects this conviction of sin, this Voice that calls for repentance, is definitively lost.

It does not frighten me that the Holy Spirit can not convince the world of its sin, but it frightens me, and causes great sorrow, to see that the Holy Spirit has failed to convince pastors, wives of pastors, workers, and people so knowledgeable of the Gospel that they walk to eternal death with voluntary and conscious disobedience to the Commandments of God.

And even when the Holy Spirit can not convince anyone of their sin, nothing more can be done but wait for the awful expectation of eternal damnation.

Do you still hear the Voice of the Spirit? Do not extinguish it, but give it due attention, before a day comes when it comes to silence forever.


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