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Apparitions were a part of my life1 min read

Apparitions were a part of my life1 min read

My name is Sandra, I’m 54 years old and ever since I was a child, I always had a sense of fear and dread in my life.

Apparitions were a part of my life

I always felt I was never alone. I felt like someone was always watching me. One day, I started seeing things appear in my home. I laid on my bed and on the wall appeared a triangle with an eye; a brown eye. When I looked at it, it would look at me and shut it’s eye and then disappear.

It was the beginning of everything that I’ve never imagined; things appearing in my home. Images and apparitions were coming into my wall and appearing in a form of a dark cape man. There were also images of a blue eye and a green eye, just appearing out of nowhere. Whenever I slept, sensations would come inside my body. I would get this strange sensation of heat and afterward, I would start to feel depressed. I wasn’t telling anyone what was happening to me because I felt ashamed.

After seeking help, I no longer have insomnia. I used my faith, prayed and as a result, I have overcome.

Today, I no longer have depression, insomnia, no longer feel a sense of fear or a sense of dreadfulness. I have peace, joy and love in my life. I have the will of God within me.

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