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The humiliated will be exalted. Could it be?2 min read

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It is common to hear the expression: “the humiliated will be exalted!

Usually, we hear of people who are facing a humiliating situation in which they feel diminished and ashamed and, as a form of self-consolation, cling to this argument.

They are based on the words of Jesus in Matthew 23:12:

And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

However, the interpretation of the verse is totally misleading. A careful reading of the verse is enough to verify that at no time does Jesus affirm that the humiliated will be exalted, but that he who humbles himself will be exalted.

The humble will be exalted: humble yourself only for God.

See that there is a huge difference. Moreover, He is referring to those who humble themselves before God, who recognize their own insignificance and place themselves in the dependence of the Most High. When they do this, God himself exalts them.

But, unfortunately, many people have accepted the humiliations imposed by problems, diseases, and misery. They have tolerated the betrayals of the husband, the wife, and sustained taunts of the lover. Such is the humiliation, that they walk headlong in the streets so as not to have to face the neighbors, who know in what conditions they live.

If they place themselves as victims, they seek the commiseration of people, they do not mind humbling before them, but they resist kneeling to speak to God. They are proud, they consider themselves self-sufficient and even having reached the bottom of the well, do not bend before God to seek His help. They do not want to humble themselves before the One who can change their lives.

Put yourself in dependence on God

During a program of Intelligence and Faith, transmitted by Record TV and Facebook, Bishop Renato Cardoso stressed that it is necessary to be humble and seek the help of the High. You have to recognize “that your problem is beyond a social problem, a human problem, that its root is spiritual, and to turn to God to fix your life. By your own strength, you will keep trying and will continue to fail. ”

Maybe you’ve already humiliated yourself for many people for help, and the only thing you’ve managed to do is to arouse their compassion. But, they can do nothing for you.

About the phrase “the humble will be exalted”: So how about you humble yourself before Him who has the power to change your story?

“Do you want to turn it around? If you do not humiliate yourself to God, life will continue to humiliate you. If you prefer to continue being humiliated by life, by problems, then go the way you are. But if you do not want more humiliation, come humble yourself before the mighty hand of God, “Bishop Renato advised.

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