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Masking away the emptiness2 min read

Masking away the emptiness2 min read

Like others who use a ‘loud and outgoing’ persona to mask underlying insecurities, Naomi sought validation from her peers: 

‘I’d be so reckless,’ she says regretfully, ‘that I put myself in danger on a number of occasions. I wanted to hang around people who were loud, the life of the party and even some who carried weapons.

‘Inside, I felt rotten. I was an insecure girl who didn’t think she was pretty enough or good enough. I did a good job of imitating the people around me to fit in, but I could never mask away the emptiness I felt inside.’ 

Naomi (picture below) is no longer that girl. She says that taking off her mask and learning to love herself wasn’t an easy task.

‘It was a friend who invited me to this ministry and it seemed interesting, but I never thought that it would be the beginning of a new me. ‘I wanted to hear more. It was positive, supportive and encouraging. When I was there, I felt like I could be or do anything.

‘It was refreshing to speak to advisers who were willing to help me without passing any judgment. They really believed in me. I just needed to believe in myself too!

‘The meetings helped me fight my internal battles. I didn’t just wish to be different, I was ready to really work at it. That’s when I really opened up.Masking away the emptiness

‘I was honest with myself and with God and I didn’t allow my pride or doubts to get in the way of my change. I chose to believe that I could change and let go of the fear of the unknown. Through this process, I learned to trust in God. 

Many times, I felt like giving up but God helped me to be strong. I found confidence and encouragement through the Bible. The way God sees me has brought a value inside me that I’ve never known anywhere.’

‘Today, Naomi is happy! I’m at peace with myself and I’m working; I’m chasing my dreams. I now have the determination and confidence that I once lacked. The voids I struggled to fill over the years have gone and I’m happy to be just me.

‘When you really want something and believe it to be of high importance, you will go out of your way to make it happen. For me back then, finding myself was that thing of high importance. So, to anyone going through something similar I would say: don’t run away from great opportunities. Be determined and don’t give up.’

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