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The Universal Church in Russia2 min read

The Universal Church in Russia2 min read

In 1997, the Universal Church arrived in Russia, the country with the largest territorial extension of the planet. Since then, the evangelistic work has grown more and more, and above all, it has been able to meet the needy. Recently, volunteers from Russia’s Angels of the Night group have taken another action at subway stations in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and in other cities such as Elista, Vladimir, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar. At the time, they attended more than 300 people who were living on the streets. Those present received physical nourishment and, most importantly, an orientation – aimed at transmitting faith and hope. This is not the first time this type of action has taken place. Although temperatures are below minus 15 degrees, every Tuesday night, group volunteers come together to bring love to one another and save souls for the Kingdom of God.

The Universal Church in RussiaThere are more than 250 people who attend every week.“This work has helped many who are excluded from society. We take physical food and spiritual food through the Word of God because we believe that once this Word is put into practice, lives will be transformed,” said Pastor Alan Videev, who was present during the action. Not long ago, another important action was taken. This time volunteers from The Universal Church in Russia, with the Children’s Biblical Center (CBC) team, visited the Zabota Orphanage in Karalov city in early January. The action was a special event and had a mission to transmit love and faith to the orphans who live in the place. During the meeting, there was a musical and theatrical presentation for the children and jokes performed by the group. In addition, the volunteers presented all the residents with toys and sweets. According to Julia Igorebna, 25, a local CBC educator, it was an incredible experience. “Being able to pay attention to these children who have been so despised, to see the joy when they received us and how they participated in the activities made me reflect how much they are in need of the minimum, which is love,” she said.The Universal Church in Russia

In addition to providing care for the young, much love was also distributed in the House of Veterans, an elderly home also located in Karalov. In the action, volunteers of the Caleb group of Russia promoted diverse recreational activities, like, for example, reading of poems and jokes. The group prepared a special afternoon coffee and presented the participants with a personal hygiene kit. Pastor Diego Cunha, who was present, prayed for all and spoke about the importance of investing in the relationship with God.

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