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Success1 min read

Success1 min read

Have you ever had the feeling that your life does not go away?
Many people can not do anything without the help of others. Some live in a state of constant dependence. They need someone to indicate work, do favors, pay bills, and take care of children, among other tasks. And the worst: when something goes wrong, they soon rush to find a culprit.

For these people, life does not leave the place because of the boss, clients, bureaucracy, family, and friends. Do you know anyone like that? Unfortunately, this situation is very common. Maybe you’ve even tried to justify failure by putting blame on something or someone. At first, this may even bring some relief. After all, you can say: I could not carry out my plan because someone stopped me. The problem is that this attitude will push you ever further from your dreams. And the reason is simple: those who depend on others never take responsibility for their own lives. And you cannot succeed with an outsourced life. Life is one who takes the reins.

To transform the world around you, you must first change your own mind. It is necessary to go beyond and seek opportunities that are not yet visible to anyone. “God took Abraham from the tent and told him to look up to the sky and count the stars because in the tent his vision was limited. We are the fruit of our vision.

And what is the difference between the vision based on faith and the vision that the eyes allow you to see success?

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