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Reverse the aging of your heart1 min read

Reverse the aging of your heart1 min read

Research has shown that exercising four to five times a week is ESSENTIAL to prevent the main arteries that go to the heart from hardening. Doing any exercise a few times a week can reduce the risk of heart problems; In fact, doing the right amount of exercise at the right time in life could reverse the aging of the heart and blood vessels.

As we get older, our arteries, which carry blood in and out of our hearts and all parts of our body, also start to age, and if we do not take care of our diets and our physical health, this can end up in bigger problems of the Health. American researchers found that people who exercised four to five times a week had healthier arteries. A healthy routine can help to ensure a healthier heart and also reduce the chances of suffering from diseases and ailments in life.

Dr. Benjamin Levine, a researcher at the Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas, Texas, writes: “This work is really exciting because it allows us to develop exercise programs to keep the heart young and even delay the time in hearts and blood vessels more aged “

Health is one of the most important areas of our lives; however, some of us may find that we neglect it. That is why every Tuesday we have meetings exclusively for people who wish to receive advice and spiritual support regarding health. These meetings are great for those who want to learn to invest more in their physical and mental well-being.


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