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Doing things my way…1 min read

Doing things my way…1 min read

“For a long time I was a blind and deaf member of the church. During 18 years, I always did things my way, but when I decided to look to the Altar as an inexhaustible Source of life, God opened my eyes and ears, and I began to live by faith. Today I can say with conviction that I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

This comment, made by Marcelo Nascimento, on my blog describes the situation of most people in the churches in general. Lost drachmas inside the House of God. I hope that, in some way, Marcelo’s testimony will awaken their faith so they can respect, fear and care for the Altar.

The Altar is the exclusive property of God. He created it as a “Meeting and Rescue Point.” Any Temple, no matter how small, simple and humble it may be, it will always quench the thirst of the thirsty, satisfy the hunger of the hungry and save the lost.

From the Altar comes the Holy Spirit to guide the followers of His Son Jesus Christ or present Him to those who are lost and seeking Salvation.

When the afflicted hear the direction of the Altar and insist on doing things their way and in their time, they remain like the lost drachma in the House of God. What can you possibly do for them that the Spirit of God has not done yet?…

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