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UBB Release Date1 min read

UBB Release Date

The Universal Beyond Bars supports offenders, their families, and correctional staff throughout the USA both physically and spiritually. Upon the release date of men/women who have been incarcerated, many face difficulties reentering society, especially if they have served long-term sentences.

These are the men that may have never used a smartphone or metro card. The task might not be as difficult but if you accumulate all the new adjustments it can be overwhelming and disorienting.

The UBB helps ex-prisoners to look for a job while simultaneously counsel and attend to their spiritual needs. The Pastor in charge of the UBB in your state will continue to touch base even after release. The UBB serves as an organization that they can be a part of. As a result, replacing a previous lifestyle and developing a new aspiration to move forward.

For more information visit the nearest Universal Church in your area and ask about our Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) programs for men and women.

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