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The youth power group – UCKG YPG1 min read

The youth power group

Be a part of something big

The UCKG Youth Group is a group of young adults that focuses on sharing practical guidance for a new way of life. This guidance is combined with fun activities and spiritual growth. New participants are able to see the change in others that have gone through similar situations just as they have experienced. In the YUCKG Youth Group, you will see how many go from being tired of everything and everyone, to finding happiness and peace.

Throughout the month, members of the Youth Power Group (YPG) go to different places to bring a positive message to those who hear negative words every day. The UCKG Youth Group go out with the motivation to help those who are suffering. Many youths have benefited from the YPG by taking the opportunity to join and experience amazing changes.

The youth power group

Would you like to learn more about the UCKG Youth Group? Join us every Sunday at 1 pm at The Universal Church closest to you. Anyone between the ages of 14-24 is welcome!

*Time may vary depending on location

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