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HONOR THE LORD1 min read

HONOR THE LORD1 min read

Whenever we honor the Lord, He promises to honor us!

“For those who honor Me I will honor…” 1 Samuel 2:30

We do not physically see God because He is Spirit, but when we return to Him the first fruits we are honoring Him and in return we see Him when He honors us.

For example, when I receive my paycheck and go ahead and spend it buying A, B, C, and D, I am not honoring God first, I am honoring those things that I bought or paid for. When we honor God first we are saying to Him, “Lord you are number one in my life”. By doing this I highly doubt that God won’t honor you in return. By giving the tithes you are not giving money to an institution, to a church or to a pastor…  Read more

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