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Seeking fulfillment2 min read

Seeking fulfillment2 min read

My name is Yvanna and before I received the Holy Spirit I was depressed, lonely, sad and rejected.

These feelings started when I was a young child growing up without my mom who left me at a very early age so she can work. I was left in the care of family members and I didn’t understand why my mom had to leave me to work.

I felt very rejected, and as a result, I started hanging around with bad company, having boyfriends at a very young age, I started smoking at school, drinking hard liquor and going to parties. I was just looking for that fulfillment and that attention from anywhere and anyone that I can get it from.

I didn’t want to have such a life anymore and I was introduced to the fast of Daniel.

I followed the advice given by the servants of God and I did everything that I was instructed to do and even more. I would get up in the morning and seek the Holy Spirit. I came to church every day because I was thirsty and I just wanted to have that feeling that everyone talks about when they receive the Holy Spirit.

I wanted to have that presence in my life because I understood the danger living in this world without the Spirit of God.

The great day came when I finally received the Holy Spirit. I remember like it was yesterday, a Sunday morning. I was faced with a very difficult situation that woke me up in my sleep. Everything happened for me not to be at church that morning but I was determined that I was going to attend the service.

In that moment when I gave it my all, I received a joy that I never felt before; peace.

My life has been different ever since. I don’t feel rejected anymore, I’m not lonely nor need to hang around with bad company. I no longer feel the desire to drink or smoke.

This was the best decision I’ve made, to give my all to God
and to seek His presence, and I don’t regret it.

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