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10 Traits of a Happy Family1 min read

10 Traits of a Happy Family1 min read

Here are 10 traits of what a healthy and happy family could consist of:

1) Everyone is respected as an individual, worthy of attention, with specific needs and wants.

2) It has a clear authority figure, who has the respect of all family members.

3) It allows participation/discussion in decision-making, with final decisions resting with the authority figure.

4) Everyone understands and fulfills his/her financial responsibilities.

5) Spending family time/doing family activities together is practiced and valued.

6) Communication is open, honest, and marked by mutual respect.

7) A strong sense of commitment to each other; divorce is never contemplated.

8) Genuine care and concern for one another’s well-being.

9) A firm marriage bond, which the children admire and hope to emulate when they grow older.

10) Encouragement and celebration of each other’s success.

As a family, possessing these traits will help instill harmony. Check out the tips on the right to see how you can become a happier and healthier family.

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