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Your shame stops here1 min read

Your shame stops here1 min read

Your shame stops here

When it comes to love and relationships the last thing you want is to be is humiliated.

How many times have you heard the following questions? :

•    When are you getting a girlfriend?
•    Are you planning on settling soon?
•    When are you getting married?
•    Why are you single? and so on…

When asked these questions, all you can think about is how everyone around you and on social media is getting married and beginning new relationships except you.

Don’t know what answer to give when asked about your love life?

Last Thursday, October 19, we began a special purpose called “12 Weeks to the End of Humiliation in the Love Therapy,” to show you how to put an end to the shame you have experienced in your relationship and in love.


“12 weeks to the end of humiliation in the Love Therapy” every Thursday at 7:00 pm at The Universal Church nearest you. *Times may vary by location.


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