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Youth Power GroupThe Youth Power Group at the Universal Church.

The YPG Youth Power Group is a group at the Universal Church between the ages of 14-25, that focus on their ministry, family, education, and outreach. One of their main goals is to spread suicide awareness.

According to, a study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting found that the number of children and teens admitted to children’s hospitals for thoughts of suicide or self-harm.There are many cases where youths from the YPG, have spoken about their past suicidal thoughts or attempts.

By sharing their past experience, the members of the YPG have been able to help many youths that are going through similar situations. With the help of the YPG at The Universal Church, they were able to overcome drugs, addictions, crimes or any other void and are no longer in that situation. Many have given their testimony of how they were able to overcome and why they are no longer in that situation.

In the YPG, many young people are able to view life from a different perspective, accept who they are and overcome obstacles that come their way. The motivation that drives them is to spread hope and that any problem that they’re facing with is not worth dying for.

*To become part of the YPG you must be between 14-25 years of age. However, if you would like to volunteer, speak to any of the pastors at your nearest Universal Church about UniSocial.

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