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The Curse of ALMOST1 min read

The Curse of ALMOST1 min read

The Curse of ALMOST

Have you ever felt like a failure at some point in life?

The curse of almost are mishaps that happen every time you are about to see a breakthrough. It prevents you from moving forward, it keeps you bound to a toxic past or stuck in a situation that you are unhappy with. You are left discouraged and hopeless; you are overtaken by strong feelings of negativity.

The Curse of ALMOSTIt’s a curse when you are doing everything that you are supposed to do but keep starting back from zero.

Are any of these statements true to you:
I ALMOST found happiness
I ALMOST came out of jail
I ALMOST got my degree
I ALMOST got married
I ALMOST finished paying off my debts

When was the last time things happened just as you wanted them to?

Come break the curse this Friday; you will get strong prayers and tools to get you on the track to fulfillment.

Try once more. This time, with the help you will get, you won’t fail.

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