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“I had a problem with drugs for 30 years”1 min read

Janice Jewel

Janice Jewel

I had a problem with drugs for 30 years. I was addicted to crack, cocaine and heroin. I became homeless going to sleep in abandoned houses, ever since with a very deep depression.

I had an overdose of heroin, they took me to the hospital where I was pronounced dead and the doctors had to resuscitate me. I saw the church on TV and I decided to go. I started participating in the services put into practice what I learned and started seeing the results.

Today, I’m not addicted to crack anymore or any drugs. I don’t even have the urge for it! I no longer live in abandoned houses, I have my beautiful apartment. I know that I have a future and I’m going to live it. I don’t have to wrestle with those thoughts anymore.

“I have peace, I feel so good it is something out of this world. I changed on the inside. and my life has been transformed.” – Janice Jewel, MI


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