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Reaching out to an old friend2 min read

Hug between friends
Old friends

Old friends

You are in the church and want to visit your old friend and invite her to come to a service with you. As you approach her you’re filled with this innocent happiness of how things were, only concentrating on the nice memories.

The conversation starts and all the stories from the past start with: “Remember so and so, what we use to do?” Ah, how those were the “good times”. You think to yourself that some parts were but not everything. As a matter of fact, you are glad you overcame all the pain, frustration and the feeling of being lost during your teenage years.

Reaching out to friends: how to deal with pain

Take a step back and remind yourself that you have a goal, it’s okay to remember your childhood or teenage years, but if those teen years brought you pain, don’t dwell on those memories. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find the opportunity to tell your childhood friend what God has done for you and that he can do the same for her. Now that you are a woman of God you can strengthen your old friend in a way you’ve never done before. You have the opportunity to lift up your friend with a positive word and be encouraging.

It’s good to see how an old friend is doing, and by no means feel guilty about not spending a lot of time with her like you use to. Because now, you have different goals and interests. Maybe you want to reach out to an old friend to see how she is doing and to invite her to a special event at church. However, if this friend’s mindset is still in the past, it’s wise to find or stay with your friendships that can lead you to God.

Look at what the Bible has to say about friendships: Five proverbs in the Bible about friendship

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