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The YPG stops Times Square to bring an alert against addiction1 min read

YPG stops Times Square

 March 26th, became a remarkable day, youths from the 5 boroughs of New York City came together in a fight against addiction.

In an impacting and unusual way the Youth Power group (YPG), demonstrated how addiction paralyzes one’s life; it stops the present, delays the future and destroys the peace of family members.

The majority of people who suffers from addictions end up dying, but they don’t die alone, the loved ones have part of them gone with the addict. Many of the YPG members dressed like zombies, passing the message that:

Those who suffer from addictions become zombies with time from the inside out; the longer the stay without receiving the cure for addiction more families get destroyed and closer they get to death.

The message was well understood by the viewers who showed interest in the social action. People from all over that world that comes to visit the famous Time Square were impressed with the creativity and action of the YPG; they asked questions and congratulated the movement. The majority of the members of the YPG are former addicts that today are recovered and ready to help others in the same way they were helped.

Look down below to see photos of the special event:

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