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How to be free from the prison called PAST?3 min read

behind bars

beyond barsMany people have suffered emotionally because their past impedes them from moving forward and being happy in their love life. Many people who ended a relationship still have this hope: “Will we get back together?” People have this tendency of being stuck to the past. They even think that this is normal.

For example, let’s say that something sad happened to you, a trauma, perhaps you think, “If I do not bring back to my mind what I lived and allow it to be part of my daily life, it will be like it never happened. I can’t let go of this memory because it is a part of me.”

We had to learn to let go of being attached to the bad things that happened to us and the harsh words that we heard. If you remain attached and a prisoner to the bad things that happened in the past, you will not be able to have good experiences in the present. You will become stuck in time.

In the EMOTIONAL PRISON, you do not see the bars, but they are present when you, for example, find a possible partner, a good person whom you could get to know and possibly build a relationship with, but immediately you brush off that possibility because your memories from the past tell you that you’ll get hurt again.

Another case is when a person is already in a relationship, and both are trying to overcome things that happened in the past, words that hurt each other or a betrayal. Both spoke about it, worked things out, decided to forgive each other and give the relationship another chance. However, every time a difficulty comes, one brings back the past of the other. Both are not committing those mistakes anymore, but the memories are keeping them bound to the past, which is impeding them from being happy in their love life, marriage and family.

On Thursdays at the Love Therapy, we will help you to get out of this emotional prison. We will teach and guide you and your partner on how to understand your past and use it to rebuild your future. Your future does NOT have to be an extension of your past. However, a person needs to recognize that they are in this prison in order to not deceive themselves. There is a way out from this emotionally imprisoned life that perhaps you are living. You need to separate from your past the lessons and develop a strategy on how to deal with this past so that it does not continue affecting your future. This can be done. No one is free from their own past. However, we can manage our past, take lessons out of it, and develop strategies for us to not continue reliving the same painful experiences as before.

On Thursday at 7 pm at the Love Therapy, you will learn how to do this. One on one counseling will also be available free of charge. Don’t give up on yourself and your happiness. Help is at hand. Find a location near you or contact us.

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