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Bride falls from electric scooter and groom continues driving away3 min read

Bride falls from electric scooter and groom continues driving away3 min read

A newly married couple faced an unusual situation in China. After the wedding, the couple left the scene of the ceremony driving an electric scooter. At one point, the bride simply slipped off the croup, falling to the ground. And the groom, without looking back, follows travel as if nothing had happened. The girl was helped by strangers.

Watch the video that was posted publicly on Youtube below and see how it all happened:

The situation may seem funny to some, but it leads to an important reflection about the conduct of life for two because many couples act exactly like that when they are in pursuit of personal happiness. The companion may be falling, going through difficulties, needing help and the partner, not even stepping on the brake or decreasing the pace to extend a helping hand, leaving clear the attitude of a selfish behavior.


How to identify the behavior of a selfish person


Bishop Edir Macedo explains that if the person wants to unite with another just to simply enjoy the marriage, so then they are really selfish and is only thinking about themselves. “It is the same case, for example, the person who says they want to get married to be happy. So they seek happiness for themselves, not even thinking about their partner. Many of these people end up in a bad marriage because they unite themselves with the selfishness within them.

” In order to balance the relationship, it is necessary to make an adjustment to the other and seek alternatives to keep the union strengthened, otherwise, the relationship will fail. “If you start with selfishness, you will not stand the other person because you will want to fulfill only your needs. That;s how relationships are destroyed. However, when the person enters into a relationship to make the other happy, then surely you will overlook a lot more things,” warns the presenter of the program The Love School, Cristiane Cardoso.

Therefore, if the verbs protect, sacrifice, divide and donate are not a part of the vocabulary of his companion, assess if it’s really worth insisting on the relationship. The change is not an easy attitude, but you must desire it if you want to be transformed.

“People start to get angry when they hear that they need to change. They do not want and say that the other is that must change. This is a selfish point of view. When I love, when I want to make my husband happy, If I know that there are certain attitudes that harm our relationship, I will change a bit my personality and not have a problem it. Because if I love him then that’s what I’ll have to do. The ideal profile is this, it’s wanting to really make a person happy, then yes you have the profile to be in a marriage,” concludes Cristiane.


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