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Do you feel as if your life were under a curse?3 min read

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If you think life is a curse, maybe it’s time to think about what negative patterns your ancestors have been repeating. Life is a curse if you accept it and do nothing to change the situation.

Children and grandchildren are reliving their parent’s stories of sickness, addiction, abuse, betrayals, separation, rejection, and some are experiencing very strange patterns of problems regardless of how hard they try to change their situation. . Those are signs of curse on family.  In certain families, people are always close to achieving success but something unexpected usually happens, robbing them of their dreams. Could it be just a coincidence? Is it the work of the mind, the genes, family history, the environment and surroundings, or does it go deeper than that?

Some people might not know how to explain it, and just think life is a curse, but they know that something is quite not right. The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t seem to apply, because they invest in change, however, they experience just the same issue over and over again, and the problems seem to flow through the generations in the family. Maybe you find it strange calling it a curse on family or consider it to be old-fashioned thinking. Regardless of the name people might give to this phenomenon: bad luck, bad karma or jinx, the reality of what is happening remains the same.

old familyIn the spiritual context, curses are real and life can be a curse if you don’t do the right thing. These patterns of problems and failures that happen in strange ways bring about doubts and negativity and affect how the person reacts to life and to the people around them. It is NOT a superstition, a fantasy or a mere excuse. Humans interact not only with the physical world, we also live in a spiritual world. Both physical and spiritual interact with and affect each other, and bring about visible and tangible consequences to our lives.

So how do I know if I am living with a curse on family in my life and/or family? You can know by observing the signs. Take a look at the 6 signs at the end of this post. If you realize that you or a loved one is experiencing one or more of these patterns, then now is the time to seek help. The first step is to ASK WHY and keep asking. Recognize that these patterns are not normal and that you are not forced to accept them. Do not compromise with a curse. The problems will thrive with your denial. Many families barely survive; they accepted the curse on family as a fixed part of their life. However, if you do NOT accept hat life is a curse and are decided to fight for a change, we have good news for you. This curse can and will be broken through your faith. The Bible clearly states that Jesus took the curse that has been plaguing your life upon Himself to redeem you, to remove it from your life. (Galatians 3:13)

Do not accept your life to continue the same. Do not allow this curse to triumph over your family. Join us on Friday at 8pm or Sunday at 10am to call upon God for your life and family because a family that prays together stays together. Bring your family members and the pictures of those who are far. You will learn how to break free from the curse that has been taking away your peace.

Feel free to call our national helpline 1-888-332-4141 for more information or visit The Universal Church near you today for prayer and counseling.

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