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Who would ever imagine that so much would depend on this man?4 min read

father hood

During the year of 2006, the Federal Government spent at least $99.8 billion to help families that did not have an involved father (The Costs of Father Absence, 2008). Unfortunately, the absence of a father in the life of a child will not only cost more to the taxpayers and to society, but it will affect that child’s life and future. A mother and father are equally important in the life of a person. One does not substitute the other but instead complement each other. An involved and good father, biological or not, has a startling impact in the life of a human being, in the health of their mind and body, and in the health of the relationships this person will have.

One thing, however, needs to be understood: being a father is not automatic from impregnating a woman. Being a father needs to be earned; it means to assume a human being, to form their character, to protect and guide them. The name father carries a strong weight of responsibility with it. As a father, his life will become the example his children will follow; be it good or bad, somehow it will affect them. Many true fathers are not the biological procreators of their children, but they assumed this person and became a major part of their life. When someone does not have this involved and good father at some point in their lives, they have a hard time finding that reference of what it truly means to be a man and what to expect from a man. They have greater chances of facing emotional and relationship problems, and they might struggle with insecurities and fears.

father child shoesSo if this man, who along with the mother, carries such a great importance, then why do we see less of him in the family today? Why do many dads, instead of loving and caring for their families, live irresponsible lives and eventually hurt their children? Unfortunately, many boys have little reference to what being a father means, and they grow up to face the great challenge of doing things differently, and many do not make the cut. Many women grow up without the reference of what a stable and loving relationship is, and they are more inclined to look for partners who have nothing to offer to a family. Nowadays, men have been disregarded and belittled, and many children have grown up to learn that dad is not that important after all, that he is indispensable. No, he is not! A true dad is needed, and it is time to reeducate ourselves for the happiness and well-being of our families.

It all begins inside of you. Yes, you need to reconnect with God regardless if you are the father, mother or child. Maybe you lost your dad or had a terrible reference of a man in your life; you need to care for your spiritual life. Your entire life and decisions depend on what you carry in your mind. The inner healing, guidance, peace and direction that you need come from God. His Spirit will help you to become a better person and to have a character that inspires and makes a difference. Give it a try; you have nothing to loose, and you won’t regret it. Feel free to walk into The Universal Church near you today for prayer and counseling, and learn the first step to getting your life back on track for your sake and the sake of your children.

Your love life matters a lot, and it could affect your parenting. Fathers and mothers who have a healthy and respectful relationship with each other tend to be better parents to their children (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Although we have so much controversy concerning marriage in our society, studies have shown a clear and positive difference in families with a stable marriage. So the next step is to invest in your love life; learn how to have a successful marriage, and you will be also investing in being a better father. Your relationship with your child’s mother directly affects your child’s health and mental stability. Every Thursday, we have a meeting dedicated to the love life and relationships. We also have a support group called Intellimen, which has monthly meetings dedicated to helping men to gradually improve themselves.

Regardless of your past, now is the time to do what is right. If you want to change, do not leave this decision for tomorrow; it might be too late. If you are the mom or the child, if you lost your dad or were neglected and abused, you can have a happy and fulfilled life. Your emotions and pain could eventually lead you to the wrong decisions that bring even more problems. Do what is right regardless of how you feel. As an absent father, you can choose right now to change your ways.  If you realize that you need help, then join us this coming Sunday at 10am to fight for the transformation of your life and the blessing of your family, because a family that prays together stays together.  We will have a special prayer for all the fathers to help them become great dads. All are welcome regardless of their past, religion or background.

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