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The Holy Spirit chose you!2 min read

The Holy Spirit

Nothing is more glorious, rich, precious in this world, nothing absolutely nothing, than for you to serve the Almighty God as a fountain that allows the Living Water to flow through you – the Holy Spirit. I can say this to you because over 50 years ago, more than half a century, the Holy Spirit has flowed through my life to those who are thirsty in this world. This is the riches that we carry, which the thief cannot steal or touch; he sees, envies and covets it, but cannot do anything because the Spirit of the Almighty one day chose me. However, He did not choose only me, He chose you as well. Perhaps you say, “But how did He choose me? I am a nobody. I’m useless. No one pays any attention to me. Wherever I am, no one notices me.” Well, the Holy Spirit chose you.

The problem, however, is that you did not accept it; you did not surrender; you did not sacrifice your will. Even with a wretched life, you did not let go of the things of this world. Although the Holy Spirit chose you, He cannot do anything because you have not permitted yourself to become a fountain.

However, this coming Sunday, we will have special meetings in all locations of The Universal Church worldwide, especially at 6am, 10am and 6pm here at the Temple of Solomon. You will have the opportunity to be transformed into a fountain, as long as you desire it, determine it, invest time and effort into it. Then, God Who in the Person of the Holy Spirit chose you will make you a fountain through which He will flow for all eternity. If you want this, you are welcome to join us.

If you have lived with negative thoughts of frustrations; your dreams remain only as dreams and nothing else. God is the One Who gives us the dream and also the power to make it happen. So come realize the greatest dream which is to become a true servant of the Almighty God. There is nothing more glorious than to serve Him. The Holy Spirit chose you!

– Bishop Macedo (radio daily message)

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