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Inner Healing Course1 min read

Inner Healing Course

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When you look at a scar, immediately you are reminded of the pain of the injury that caused that scar. However, we can also have inner emotional wounds that are invisible to the physical eye but far more painful that physical wounds.

Many women carry within themselves traumas from their past, the pain of being rejected and abandoned, and the emotional marks of going through abusive relationships.

How to experience inner healing, overcome the past and move forward? Perhaps, this is your question and your desire for your life.

During the year of 2016, you have the opportunity to participate in a 12-week Inner Healing Course for women, offered by Godllywood. The course is free of charge and takes place once a week at our state headquarters. Please contact us or visit The Universal Church near you for more information.

We kindly invite you to take this step towards giving yourself a second chance to be a happy and fulfilled woman.

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