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Life transformations in The Universal Church in India3 min read


Every month, evangelists of The Universal Church travel 217 miles to visit Mr James’ small church, which is situated in the city of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India. The volunteers are received with much joy by the children in the community, who every month look forward to their visit and the words of faith and encouragement they bring.

The Universal Church arrived in India in 1998 and now has 3 locations in the country, serving nearly 450 Christians. Under the leadership of Pastor Edward Costa, who has been in the country for the past 5 years, the groups of evangelism knock from door to door, they visit nursing homes, hospitals, centers that offer support to people with disabilities, and orphanages. They take donations of food and clothing to those in need, and above all, they take words that restore the faith of those who believe they have lost everything in life.

Those carry out this work have an awareness that food and donations are not enough to change the lives of people. “The work of The Universal Church is to take pure faith to people, the faith that brings results, that transforms. We do this without offending the faith or the religion of the people,” explains pastor Edward.

With this goal, the volunteers travel from Chennai, where the headquarters of The Universal Church in India is located, all the way to Guntur. Mr James serves nearly 30 children daily, offering meals and education. Volunteers of The Universal Church provide help to this project by donating hundreds of pounds of food, many toys, clothes, and school materials. Most importantly, they take the Word of God to the community, words of healing, restoration, forgiveness and tranformation.

Providing help to community members of all ages

Other than the social project with the children and the visits to the elderly, The Universal Church in India also has a youth group that counts with nearly 150 participants. The youth group has ongoing events and projects to help guide the youth to a happy and successful life, also teaching them to care for the community through social projects.

After surrendering their lives to God, many families and lives have been transformed in India. Mr Venkatesh, for example, was walking towards destruction and taking his family with him. He lost everything he had, became agressive and had an extra-marital affair for 4 years. His wife visited the church out of desperation, but her husband reacted in an aggressive way.

“Because I was betraying her with a married woman, I also thought she was doing the same to me. Because of all the torture I made my wife go through, she attempted suicide,” remembers Mr Venkatesh. “She went to The Universal Church without my consent. When I found out, I abused her and did not allow her to go back.”

However, his wife continued attending the church without his knowledge, and with the help of a friend of the family, she convinced her husband to go as well. There he learned to rethink his behavior, and little by little he changed his life. Although he faced the prejudice of others because of his new faith, he did not give up.

“I continued attending the church. I began to listen to and practice the Word of God.  I learned that I had to leave the old life behind, and that is exactly what I did,” testifies Mr Venkatesh.

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