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Angry words1 min read

Angry words

In moments of anger, the tendency is for us to say things we regret later; we attack with words and end up hurting the feelings of the person we love, causing even more problems in the relationship. Imagine hearing your partner bring up a mistake you made last year or always picking on something you do. How would you feel? This is the way we must think. If I were in my partner’s place, would I like to hear the words that I am about to say? At times, we view words as being harmless, but words can be used as weapons to belittle, discourage and even destroy the self-esteem of a person. Our words must uplift our partner. Even during moments of disagreement, we cannot forget that our opinion matters a lot to them. Take a deep breath and rethink word choice during an argument, find a better manner and moment to express your concern. This will be beneficial to you, to your partner and to your relationship.

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