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Garry Henrique

Gary before and after

I grew up in a traditional church, but I never really knew God, and I always questioned everything I heard about Him. I didn’t think I was that bad, but I was a womanizer. For every girlfriend that I had, there was always someone else on the side; my mentality was “If one doesn’t work out, I always have plan B.” I wasn’t happy in any of my relationships, because I never felt they were real love. In addition to that, I was very short-tempered; I would get upset for the smallest things.

One of my friends from High School invited me to the Youth Power Group (YPG). Once I started coming, I wasn’t really taking anything seriously, so things became worse. I started to party a bit more than I was used to; seemingly the friends, parties and girls were becoming more and more of a distraction to take my eyes away from the YPG and away from the presence of God. My financial life was a mess, I spent a whole year just applying for jobs, and I wasn’t hired. It always seemed like something was missing, until the day that I started putting into practice all of the things I was learning in the YPG. I had a girlfriend at the time, we had been dating for about two years, and we would argue non-stop. I came to the conclusion that we simply didn’t want the same things. I wanted to be different, I wanted to become a better me, and she didn’t. Our relationship ended, but my relationship with God was just beginning.

As I continued coming to the YPG, I saw a lot of things changing within me. My short-temper disappeared; I stopped partying and drinking, I put my faith in action, and I got a job that I had been applying for. I started learning about who God really is and what does it mean to have a sincere relationship with Him. Today, I can say that I am a happy person. I stopped looking for love in all of the wrong places, because I know that God has someone great in store for me.

The YPG made a difference in my life!


-Garry Henrique,  From NY 

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